The Association for Environmentally Sound Energy (VUE) pursues a vision.

Our vision

We want to see Switzerland supplied by 100% renewable eco-energy by 2050. This applies to both energy production and the supply mix.

naturemade sets the credible Swiss quality benchmark for the certification of renewable and eco-energy on the national and international level. Eco-energy complies with naturemade star quality.

Our strategy

VUE intends to achieve this vision through market instruments, close alignment with customers and the gradual greening of the energy system.

Market instruments and alignment with customers

  • VUE enjoys the broad support of energy producers and suppliers, environmental and consumer organisations, large consumers, science, administrations at federal, cantonal and municipal level, and politicians.
  • We work at market level, and are committed to consumer involvement.
  • We provide orientation through credible quality standards and relevant quality labels that are ahead of legal regulations. This delivers greater clarity and promotes and shapes awareness among end customers.
  • “Eco-energy = naturemade star” needs to become a broadly familiar concept.

Gradual greening of the energy system

  • The Association and its members make a substantial contribution to the increased development of new renewable energies in naturemade star quality and a more environmentally friendly generation of energy. It promotes the substitution of non-renewable energies by renewable energies in naturemade quality.
  • The high standard of the certification criteria and procedures, which are based on scientific insights, will be consistently maintained. naturemade is more than a mere proof of origin: naturemade stands for the differentiation between climate AND nature protection. The quality requirements for naturemade basic energy will be gradually aligned with those of the naturemade star standard.
  • Energy efficiency is an important component of the greening of the energy system, and VUE applies instruments and standards in a targeted manner to promote this goal.