What are the differences between the naturemade star and naturemade basic quality labels?

Both are Swiss quality labels for energy from 100% renewable sources such as water, sun, biomass and wind, but only naturemade star is eco-energy.  

All naturemade-certified plants are guaranteed to operate below the environmental pollution levels defined by naturemade (maximum of 50% of a modern combined gas-steam power plant). The producers of naturemade energy additionally implement an environmental management system to ensure that their internal environmental performance is continually improved.

naturemade basic

The naturemade basic quality label is awarded for electricity and heat from 100% renewable sources; under this label, mainly large hydroelectric power plants and waste incineration plants in Switzerland are certified. These plants ensure that energy needs are adequately covered even if there is no sun or wind. The purchase of naturemade basic-certified energy helps fund the construction of new eco-energy plants.

naturemade star

The naturemade star quality label is awarded for energy generated through particularly environmentally friendly processes. naturemade star eco-energy comes from 100% renewable sources such as water, sun, biomass and wind, and the label certifies that further stringent, comprehensive environmental conditions are met. Certification of energy generation under the naturemade star label takes the natural environment, i.e. the plant and animal species living around power plants, into particular account. This is especially important as the ever increasing use of renewable sources of energy impacts on habitats and thus biodiversity.

Environmental protection and upgrades are of particular importance when using hydroelectric power, which is why hydroelectric power plants to be certified under the naturemade star scheme not only need to comply with the relevant criteria, but operators must also pay one centime per kilowatt-hour of electricity sold into an environmental improvement fund.

Click here for a map of all naturemade-certified hydroelectric power plants in Switzerland with information on output, production, operator, year of construction and residual flow quantities for even very small plants.