Make a decision for naturemade!

By subscribing to energy generated under the naturemade quality label, you make a concrete contribution to the environment, as naturemade stands for environmentally sound energy. Guaranteed.

You decide whether the energy you consume is generated from nuclear power, fossil or renewable energies. By buying energy products bearing the naturemade quality label, you are making the right choice. We guarantee that you will receive the quality you have subscribed to – 100% renewable and, in case of naturemade star, even 100% green. You also support the construction of new wind, solar and biomass plants and the greening of existing plants.

naturemade offers substantial added value for companies, municipalities and household energy customers. Subscribing to naturemade energy helps position your company or municipality, enhances its environmental credibility and supports it in achieving its goals. naturemade-certified energy is recognised by the Swiss Energy Agency for Industry and the Energiestadt programme.

Upgrade your energy with more nature!

Whether naturemade star or naturemade basic – here’s the place to click your way through to high-quality renewable energy.