Both nature and the environment benefit from the sale of naturemade-certified power products

If you subscribe to electricity products from naturemade star-certified hydroelectric power plants, you contribute to an environmental improvement fund. Evidence has shown that this commitment directly benefits nature and the environment.

One centime is paid into an environmental improvement fund for each kilowatt-hour of electricity sold by naturemade star-certified hydroelectric power plants. These funds are regularly applied to projects in the vicinity of the respective power plants in order to upgrade the environment.

The individual measures to be funded are negotiated by a fund group that comprises the power plant operator, local authorities and environmental organisations. The funds are managed by the operator. Monies from the funds may not be used for measures aimed at compliance with certification criteria.

The Limmat river, which was once canalised, after rehabilitation. (Photo: ewz)

Rehabilitation, revitalisation, upgrades

Examples of environmental improvements include rehabilitations and revitalisations of rivers or upgrades of bodies of water to improve biodiversity. These measures benefit all animal and plant species in the area, but especially endangered species such as midwife toads.

Each example is listed with a short description and information on the respective operator and time frame.


Rehabilitations of bodies of water allow red poppies to become re-established. (Photo: ewz)

Upgrades also create habitats for endangered midwife toads. (Photo: Jan Ryser)