naturemade certification for energy from renewable and green sources

naturemade is the Swiss quality label for energy from 100% renewable sources. Certification is available at two levels – naturemade star and naturemade.

The quality labels naturemade star – 100% eco-energy – and naturemade – 100% renewable energy – are awarded for plants producing renewable energy (electricity, heat/cooling and biomethane); certification is also available for the supply of energy from these plants to end consumers. The naturemade guidelines must be fulfilled for the Association for Environmentally Sound Energy (VUE) to grant certification. These guidelines have been developed in cooperation with scientists and technical experts.

Guidelines currently exist for the following energy systems:

The generation of hydroelectric power at the Seujet power plant in Geneva is certified under the naturemade star quality scheme. (Photo: SIG – Jay Louvion)

Plants and products are certified separately

Independent certification ensures that the origin of every kWh of power sold is known, preventing double sales. Different certification criteria apply to production and supply.

The audit and certification processes are independent of each other

Audits are carried out by accredited lead auditors employed by independent certification companies for quality and environmental management systems (SQS, Swiss TS, TÜV Süd, electrosuisse). The certification of naturemade star hydroelectric power plants additionally involves accredited expert auditors that are also specialists in aquatic ecology. Certifications are awarded by the VUE Board.