How green is your energy?

If you want to contribute to climate protection and a turnaround in energy policy on a personal level, subscribing to a naturemade-certified energy product is the right choice. Guaranteed.

Would you like to see more plants to be built in Switzerland for the generation of energy from the sun, wind and biomass?

Would you like to see fish continuing to live in healthy rivers and many other animal species thriving in their natural habitats?

Then naturemade-certified renewable energy products are the right choice for you.

By subscribing to naturemade star-certified energy, you help people and nature benefit from environmental improvements around certified power plants. The following examples of environmental upgrades show what has already been achieved thanks to subscriptions to naturemade-certified energy.

Upgrade your energy with more nature!

Whether naturemade electricity or naturemade biogas – here’s the place to click your way through to high-quality renewable energy.

European perch

Fish ladders installed around hydroelectric power plants allow European perch and other fish species to get around these obstacles.

(Photo: Michel Roggo)

European tree frog

Rehabilitation measures often involve the creation of shallow ponds, which are ideal spawning grounds for tree frogs.

(Photo: Jan Ryser)


Environmental upgrades create typical river meadow habitats, in which these magnificently iridescent birds thrive.

(Photo: Jan Ryser)

Banded demoiselle

Rehabilitation works provide ideal conditions for the strikingly beautiful banded demoiselle damselfly to deposit its eggs.

(Photo: ewz)