Why should municipalities subscribe to renewable energy products or eco-energy?

Make a decision for naturemade-certified energy products to lead local residents and businesses by example. naturemade-certified energy takes you one step closer towards achieving your energy policy goals.

By subscribing to naturemade basic or naturemade star-certified energy products, your municipality accepts responsibility for its environmental policy and leads local residents and businesses by example.

naturemade generates added value for your municipality:

  • Positioning as a sustainable municipality.
  • Formation of a strong identity from a Swiss quality label.
  • Exemplary action for local residents and businesses.
  • Depending on the energy source, greening of existing plants and construction of new eco-power plants in the region.
  • Promotion of local sources of energy.
The municipality of Monte Carasso in Ticino counts on high-quality, naturemade basic-certified energy. (Photo: Bellinzona Turismo)

Communication of subscription to naturemade-certified energy

Use your subscription to naturemade-certified energy in your internal and external communications. The VUE executive office will provide you with support and the requisite aids and guidelines.

Eligibility of naturemade-certified energy for Swiss Energiestadt label requirements

Subscribing to energy products certified under the naturemade basic or naturemade star quality labels counts as a measure for the Swiss Energiestadt label. Please contact your Energiestadt advisor or the VUE executive office for more information.