How much will naturemade certification cost me?

The certification of plants or energy products under the naturemade scheme incurs certification and licensing fees, audit charges and costs of developing the management strategy (naturemade star-certified hydroelectric power plants) plus the costs of meeting the certification requirements.

Contributions and fees payable to VUE

Audit costs and special documentation

  • Management strategy and expert audit (for naturemade star-certified hydroelectric power plants, excluding drinking and waste water power plants)
  • (Re)certification audit (every five years)
  • Review audit (annual)

Please contact your accredited auditor regarding the actual audit costs.

Additional costs

Additional costs may be incurred when action must be taken to comply with the naturemade criteria, e.g. the implementation of an environmental management system for licensees employing more than 30 staff (criterion ZK-E6) or the construction of fish ladders for hydroelectric power plants.