Make full use of the added value obtained from the naturemade quality label in your communications

Producers and suppliers using the naturemade quality label in their communications benefit from the credibility and increasing awareness of this brand.

About 200 energy suppliers and producers are already working with the naturemade quality label, which therefore enjoys considerable national recognition and presence. Benefit from this substantial advantage and deploy the naturemade star and naturemade basic labels in your corporate communications, including not only your product flyers, electricity disclosure, brochures, advertisements and posters, but also your plant signage.

Unique presentation of the naturemade brand

The naturemade quality label relies on clear communication and design guidelines to ensure that it will remain credible and successful in the long term. These guidelines benefit all who contribute to the presentation of the naturemade label in publications or through design activities.

By implementing the guidelines, you support the unique presentation of the naturemade brand and ensure that the naturemade quality label retains its credibility. We thank you for your support and wish you the best of success!

The Schils power plant produces energy that can be marketed with the naturemade star label. (Photo: SAK)