What does the naturemade quality label stand for?

The naturemade quality label generates trust. It guarantees the quality of energy generation plants and the credibility of energy products to make it easier for customers to make the right choice.

Energy quality is not something that is tangible. However, certification and annual review under the naturemade quality label provide a guarantee to customers that they receive electricity, biomethane and heat in the quality they have subscribed to: 100% renewable and, with naturemade star, even 100% green.

The Association for Environmentally Sound Energy (VUE) only certifies plants and products that comply with the naturemade criteria, which are developed in collaboration with specialist energy systems associations, environmental organisations, and producers and suppliers of energy products. Stringent environmental criteria apply to hydroelectric power plants in particular.

Broad support for strong credibility

naturemade enjoys broad support. The members of VUE and the VUE Board include environmental and consumer organisations, renewable energy associations, large energy consumers and large, medium-sized and small suppliers and producers of energy. This broad support guarantees the credibility of the naturemade quality label.

The Letten power station near Zurich produces naturemade star-certified eco-power. (Photo: ewz)