Müesli - produced with the power of nature


While müesli supplies energy, its production also consumes energy. As bio-familia AG focuses on quality through and through, the company only uses premium-quality electricity that is locally generated using processes that leave only minimal – if any – negative traces in nature. 

All products manufactured by bio-familia AG are therefore produced using 100% naturemade star-certified, regionally generated electricity. bio-familia AG set itself the task of producing its own electricity, with the refurbishment of the Sachseln drinking water plant creating a new type of challenge for the company’s creative competence: Why not use the natural gradient in the drinking water supply for generating electricity? This approach to producing electricity is highly sustainable, as it requires no additional intervention in nature. But a great deal of commitment was needed before this vision became reality and the Sachseln drinking water supply was able to produce the required power.  

bio-familia AG’s commitment to purchase electricity from the Sachseln drinking water/turbine plant over the coming years provided the project with the impetus it needed for kick-off. Additional electricity is sourced from the Sameln drinking water plant, as the volumes generated at Sachseln are not sufficient for bio-familia’s müesli production.

Recognising that climate protection is a fundamental Need for people’s health, bio-familia AG has committed to federally agreed climate protection targets and has established an externally supervised monitoring system to achieve these. As a result, the company is able to identify potential improvements in its energy use and to plan and implement relevant measures. The use of naturemade star-certified electricity forms a core part of this set of measures and is accepted as such by the federal government.

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