The VUE executive office is happy to assist you at any time.

The executive office of VUE (Association for Environmentally Sound Energy) has been managed by Brandes Energie AG, Zurich, since 2001.

The Executive Office team comprises:

Pascal Steingruber
MSc ETH environm. scientist, MAS ETH Management, Technology and Economics

Managing Director


Charlotte Spörndli
grad. environm. scientist ETH

Deputy Managing Director, Coordination Hydropower Division


Florian Brunner
MSc in Geography, CAS Sustainable Development

Coordination of communication, mobility, green electricity vignette

Domenica Bucher
MSc in Geography

Market survey, wind, photovoltaics, hydrogen decalaration, power-to-X

Yolanda Deubelbeiss
Dr. sc. ETH Earth Sciences, CAS Strategic Communication

Wind, photovoltaics, drinking water power plants, cooperation in the area of communication, certification guidelines

Valentin Graf
MSc ETH in Environmental Engineering

Coordination Biomass, eco-funds survey, life cycle assessments

Fabiola Kälin
MSc in Geography

Coordination control audits, market survey, photovoltaics

Regula Keller
MSc ETH environm. scientist

Coordination of certification criteria and guidelines, biomass, life cycle assessments

Ariane Luttenauer
Administrative staff

General information

Nathalie Perucchi
Administrative staff

VUE Administration Officer, organisation general assembly

Kevin Simmler
MSc ETH environm. scientist

Collaboration on control audits, solar/wind/drinking water power plants

Daniel Streit
MSc ETH environm. scientist

Coordination district heating sector, naturemade resources star, hydrogen declaration, efficiency market

Christa Sturzenegger
Administrative staff

General information