Use of the naturemade logos

By using the naturemade logos consistently in your communications and marketing, you will raise awareness of the logos.

You must comply with the naturemade Communications and Design Guidelines as you use the logos. These guidelines apply to the use of the naturemade quality labels by licensees and end customers. They also define the wordings, claims and bylines which may be used in connection with the quality labels and set out rules on colours, logo design and imagery associated with naturemade.

The Communications and Design Guidelines form an integral part of the licensing agreement with the VUE, and compliance will be verified as part of the annual review audit.

Schedule for the use of the new naturemade logos:  
Preparatory work with the new branding From 1 May 2021
Implementation of the new branding in production plants From 1 September 2021
Implementation of the new branding in supplies from 1.1.2022 From 1 September 2021